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    Comparing Measure Value to Entire Dataset

    Jonathan Bechtel



      I'm trying to create a Calculated Column that compares the profit vs the profit for the entire dataset, and am having a surprisingly difficult time doing it.


      For example, let's suppose the average profit for my whole dataset is 27.9, and I'd like my calculation to return TRUE if the average profit for whatever dimensions I've brought into session are above that level and FALSE if not. 


      In my head this would look something like this:


      IF avg(profit) > {fixed[ENTIRE DATA SET]: avg(profit)} THEN True

      ELSE False END


      I don't know if you can do this or not, but right now I can't figure it out. 


      The idea being that I could group my data any way I'd like in a chart, and then pull in this variable to determine whether or not profitability was greater or less than the average for the whole dataset.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you.