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    % from calculated field as and conditional color formating

    Maciej Bedlin

      Hi All


      I have one calculated field where the % is being calculated as below:



      [# completness complete]/[# complete expected]



      and I would like to group the result and assign color to each group:

      I was trying this way but it each field is returning value "1" for some reason



      IF [% completeness]<50 THEN "1"

      ELSEIF ([% completeness]>=50 AND [% completeness]<65) THEN "2"

      ELSEIF ([% completeness]>=60 AND [% completeness]<80) THEN "3"

      ELSEIF ([% completeness]>=80 AND [% completeness]<95) THEN "4"

      ELSE "5"




      any idea? I can't use % sign at the end as I have calculation invalid error...


      Thanks in advance