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    Geographic Roles in Prep

    Federica Ferrarini

      I'm using the Roles feature in Tableau Prep to identify States in Italy:

      There is a state that is mispelled twice and no one of the version correspond to a valid state name.


      How can I know which name Taleau is expecting? How can I know how I should rename the 2 values in order to have a valid geographic role?


      I know 2 values are not valid, but after that? What am I supposed to do?

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hello Federica, unfortunately there's no way I know of in Prep to look at Tableau's geographic database. You can do a little better in Tableau Desktop because it will let you search on unknown geography, but even then there's no easy way to get an authoritative list of what place names & synonyms that Tableau will recognize. In my case it's generally been a lot of trial and error.