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    Hires and Applications (two date fields) on the same graph

    Arturs H

      Hi Community, this is my first post here!


      I am working on a Recruitment dashboard, and I am trying to visualise number of applications received by month, and also number of positions filled in these months. The trick is that I don't want to see just applications for filled positions, but for all applications received in this period.


      My data set for this example consists of two Excel file tabs:


      Position tab (Position ID, Position Date Created, Position Filled, etc.)

      Applications tab (Position ID, Application ID, Application Date, etc.).


      The Position ID is the common key linking two tables.


      I've tried creating a graph with Positions Filled by month, but then if I add Applications into the same view, it will only show applications that are relevant for the positions filled.


      I've tried pivoting both dates in Data tab in Tableau, but that didn't help either.


      I've tried experimenting with LOD, but that didn't help with the 'date' situation either.


      Here's a simplified data set I'm working with:



      I am trying to have a view, where (in this example) in October I have 2 filled positions and 10 applications.


      Please nudge me in the right direction, I feel like I'm scratching the surface, but not sure what is the best practice in this scenario.


      Thanks All!