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    Calculating Top N within Top10 or others

    avinash v

      Hi friends,



      According to our requirement  we have created "Top 10 and remaining as others" in both bubbles chart and trend line, until then that is working fine in both bubbles and trend lines are showing same .


      In another requirement they have asked us to show only Top 4 within that "Top 10 or others"  then the equation changes  in trend line chart ( It is aggregating data on monthly level (I.e for April showing Top4 Likewise it is aggregating the data for every month))


      We want to display Trend line chart with corresponding with bubbles chart.(For instance If there are 4 bubbles  and same 4 categories should be displayed in Trend line chart)



      1. Top 10 or Others ---- Created a set on categories and calculating Top 10 and rest as others

                 IF [Set on Manufacturer] then [Manufacturer] ELSE "OTHERS" END

      2. For second Top N ,We are calculating on the basis of Rank  --- This Top N is for fetching the data  within the "Top 10 or others"

      Rank sales - Rank(sum(sales))

      [Rank sales]<=[Top N]


      Please find the sample workbook attached of our scenario.Any suggestions / solutions will be more helpful.