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    Sorting Combined fields

    kumar golla

      Hii ALL,


      I have a Concatenate field as Order_Prompt like OrderID + Billdate + PaidDate.But when sorting has performed it displayed Order_Prompt data based on OrderID.

      but requirement has been sorting on Billdate to get latest value in filter.

      This is Obstruct have been facing .Please share any ideas to solve.




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          Jim Dehner

          When you concatenate the fields you created a new dimension that is a string - you are sorting on that string not on "Order Prompt"

          you have 2 options - the first I am guessing you won't like and that is to change the concatenation order to Order date first =


          The second is to include orderdate in the viz and then hide the field

          see below

          here is the concatenated field


          add the oderdate to the viz


          and it returns this


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