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    Tabljolt Configuration Issues -- Attempting to Connect to Ubuntu Tableau Server

    Matthew Berry

      To preface and clarify:


      We have recently upgraded from 10.5.0, up to 20183.18.1019.1426.  This is currently running on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS.  There are no issues found from the upgrade process.


      I am attempting to setup and configure Tabjolt 2018.2.0 on a Windows 7 OS.  Possibly not preferred, but just setting up for testing now.


      When I get to the following step, no matter what combination of username/password/Uri I attempt allows me through :




      For the username and password I have used the user added via Ubuntu that has sudo rights, and users within Tableau, without luck, same error.


      I am wondering if I am not going about this properly attempting to directly connect the tabjolt installation to an Ubuntu server, rather than Windows. 


      Any help is welcome!