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    Using a Slider to Step Through Time When Not all Variables Were Measured at Same Time Points

    Harriet Ertman

      On sheet one of my workbook, I have two current data stations marked on a map. (These are just stations where information about current speed and direction is measured). What I want is to have a slider selection bar that will let you step through time by clicking the arrows, which will then cause the data displayed below each station to change (the data for the time you have currently selected).  Ideally the station icons themselves, which are arrows, will also update to show direction (but I don't think I really have that working yet). I hope this makes sense. Basically I want you to be able to step through time and see how the current speed and direction is changing as time passes, with all the selected stations always being displayed.


      Unfortunately the data isn't all taken at the exact same times at each station... so what happens when you step through time using the arrows is that the stations disappear and then reappear depending on which has data for the selected time.


      What I would like is for each station to always be showing the most recent data... if it has no data for the current selected time, then the data right before it. I don't know if this is possible. I tried setting the time filter to be continuous instead of discrete, but this doesn't correctly display the data / arrow direction for the stations because it's not just one time.


      How should I be doing this? I'm open to any thoughts or ideas but I'm extremely new to Tableau.