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    Creating Parameter for Column Measure

    Bryan Adkison

      I'm looking do create a calculated field that looks up a certain year expenses and returns only the expenses on that year in the measure.

      Here is my viz so far:

      My Budget and Totals are correct but I'd like to find a way to include Year 1 and Year 2 expenses. For example, if year 1 is '4' and year 2 is '5'.

      My data is listed as:

      So I'd like to have the field for Year 1 to lookup Month that equals '2018-12' and return the 'Cumulative' which is 4.


      My logic is to:

      1 - Create a Parameter 'Year 1'

      2 - Create Calculated Field:

             IF [Parameters].[Year 1] = ATTR([Month]) THEN SUM([Cumulative]) END


      This doesn't work for me which I thought was correct from watching tutorials.


      How could I make changes to the calculation where I went wrong?


      Any help would be appreciated!