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    A Place for Small Fixes (UI and others)

    Alex Kerin

      This forum thread is intended to be a place where we can post suggestions for small fixes that bug us in Tableau (any product). It's not intended to be for larger ideas (e.g. a new connector). Why this post here and not the ideas community? Small fixes won't gain traction and will be quickly overlooked as more get posted. Equally, even highly upvoted ideas that are over 6 years old don't get fixed anyway. Hopefully Tableau employees will see this post and get some of these implemented - perhaps a fixathon is in order?


      There's a good chance that some of our issues are because we don't know about a feature - it will be great to learn about it and perhaps understand how Tableau could make the feature more obvious. Equally you may disagree that a 'fix' is needed - perhaps you like the current functionality.


      This post came about as result of a quick back and forward with Chris Gerrard. He has some great ideas on this post and a blog article.


      Please post your fix/small idea, product, and what the impact would be. Cropped screenshots can be very helpful. Here's a couple of mine:


      Tableau Desktop (2018.3)


      • Password Text Box Focus. When you're required to reenter a password for a live connection to a database (MySQL at least), the dialog box's focus is on the server name (especially when there are multiple database connections and dialog boxes to fill), rather than the empty password box, often leading me to accidentally delete the server info
      • Show me Maps. When using the 'show me' dialog with a lat, long and dimension, the dimension is placed on on rows resulting in multiple maps - this may be fine for a dimension with 2 to 5 members, but in no situation have I ever wanted 120 maps to be drawn. Either default the dimension to the details shelf, or change behavior depending on the number of maps to be drawn.
      • The field being added may.. It's 2018, my laptop is capable of adding more than a 1,000 rows at a time. Allow us to disable this warning dialog, or at least scale its appearance based on the specs of the laptop.




      I'd love to hear more of your ideas...


      Tagging some people: Chris Gerrard Jonathan Drummey Joe Mako Shawn Wallwork

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