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    Level of Detail using an IF filter for Benchmarking

    Dave Baylis

      Hi all,


      I'm hopeful for my first post that this is a quick and easy question (for you guys - not for me clearly)


      I have a data set that has County, Age Band and Head Count. I've created a bar chart using Age Group and Headcount. I've then filtered this with a geographic set (consisting of a number of counties)


      I've then bench marked this against the whole data set by using {Fixed [Age Group] : SUM(Headcount)} and a dual axis chart.


      What I'd like to do is be able to change this bench mark by using a Parameter (So to benchmark against other counties)


      I've tried a few combinations of the following but to no avail.


      IF County = [Parameter 1] then {Fixed [Age Group] : SUM(Headcount)} Else 0 END


      But I'm getting either errors back or figures that are clearly multiples of what I'm after and  have no idea why.


      Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong would be gratefully received.


      Unfortunately I can't upload the data but I'm happy to recreate if it helps.


      Many thanks