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    Weightlifting Totals - Sum Max values based on Yes/No condition

    Blake Dailey

      Hi everyone, first time posting here! I'm trying to do an analysis of Olympic Weightlifting competition totals and am struggling with creating the calculation.


      I'm trying to calculate a person's "Total" for each competition event. This is the sum of the highest successful lifts for two movements, each of which they get 3 attempts at (the Snatch and the Clean & ****).


      So essentially, I need to write something that considers if each attempt was a "good lift" (yes or no), and then add the highest "good lifts" for each of the 2 movements.


      I've attached the excel data I'm working with so far and below is a single example.

      For instance, here I need a calculation that will add Snatch attempt # 2 (77) and Clean & **** attempt # 1 (95) for a "Total" of 172 based on those being the highest "good lifts" for each movement.


      Movement      Attempt #      Weight (kg)      Good Lift

      Snatch                1                     74                    y

      Snatch                2                     77                    y

      Snatch                3                     80                    n

      Clean & ****      1                     95                     y

      Clean & ****      2                     100                   n

      Clean & ****      3                     101                   n