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    Aggregated Timeline Map

    Nino Toro



      Here is the population by Municipios of Puerto Rico. I made a timeline from September 1 to October 31, 2017, The symbology changed through time and gave an individual number of people per day. But, what I would rather do is to aggregate the people through time, so at the and of the timeline I will have the total of people from Sep 1 to Oct 31 symbolized in the map by each Municipality.

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          Venkat Narayanan Veerasekar

          Unable to open your packaged workbook. Can you please update a new one.



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            I didn't quite get there, but had some comments.


            I think there is an issue with having different lat longs with each [County Sub]

            making it harder to aggregate the county to one dot. So I made a maxLat and maxLong

            for county.


            I also added a "Show History" on the pages.


            Unfortunately, not yet able to get all the running totals to show for all the counties.
            Not sure, maybe because some counties don't have data for the last day?Will keep looking at it. Maybe a particular Table Calc will do it.


            Please see workbook v10.5 attached in the Forum Thread:

            Aggregated Timeline Map

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              Nino Toro



              Thank you for answer.


              About the map: Each 'Caunty Sub' have a unique latitude and longitude. Why do you think that is something wrong with that?


              I don't want to aggregate the county, I want to aggregate the timeline map by County Sub.


              About the date: I notice that you join de dates from September and October, the aggregation should be sequentially. First should be September then October day by day.


              For example:


              Date   | Number Population = Aggregation

              Sep 1 |                     1          =        1

              Sep 2 |                     4          =        5

              Sep 3 |                     6          =       10

              Sep 4 |                     3          =       13

              Sep 5 |                     2          =        15


              Do you follow?


              About the population: I have population for every single day, starting Sep first until Oct 31.

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                Nino Toro

                I attached the document again. Let me know if you have problems. But other person access and download document.

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                  My apologies, I misunderstood.

                  Please see if the attached v18.1 is closer to the goal.

                  Basically, I used a calculated field instead of the quick calculation.

                  I think that way allowed for restarting every [County Sub].


                  I think it will be difficult to get all the labels to show.

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                    Nino Toro



                    This is exactly what I'm looking for thank you. Now I'm going yo duplicate it to practice.....


                    Thank you!