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    Curve including targetsetting

    sander van der Velden

      Hi Guys,


      can you help me on the next topic:

      We have a salescurve (running total), this year compared with last year.

      This is no problem for me, but the management wants a targetsetting in it, when we add a target, then the salescurve of 2019 (in this case) must be shown based on figures of last year.

      To be more clear, in the attached example, the target is 2.000, where the year-to-date sale is 396, so we need to do 2.000-396=1.604 to reach target.

      The curve of 2019 should be completed to reach this target.

      We need to do 1.604 where last year had only to come 1.330.

      So I need to built the curve, starting with YTD 396, but attached to that the needed 1.604 divided over the weeks, with the same distribution as last year.

      So i thought to calculate as follow:


      to do 2019/to do 2018 = % growth

      weeks already passed: figures from 2019

      weeks upcoming: figures from LY * % growth


      But unfortunately I do not seem to get the solution to get it in tableau.


      Can anyone help me out on this?