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    How to get sum of two values of same dimension which has common measure.

    Sandeep Nair

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I m trying to get sum of values from two different column, but row wise.

      Eg in the attached screen there are 2 columns naming "False" & "True" under the heading rejected, For calculating total row wise I have used the formula as below.

      {FIXED [feature_detected],[iso_code],[modified_date]:SUM([count])}, With this I m getting total correctly at times under "True" heading & sometimes under "False" heading.


      Eg In the attached screenshot For Feature_detected as PedestrianCrossing value of False is 2998 & Value of True is 69, Therefore the total should be 3067 which is correctly reflecting under "False" heading but not for "True" heading.

      For Feature_detected as WindingRoadStartingLeft , value for "False" is 17 & for "True" is 15, Correct total of 32 is reflected under "True" only & "False" has incorrect total as 28.


      For Feature_Detected like NoUTurn, SharpCurveLeft etc Total for both False & True is correct.


      I m unable to understand if the formula I used above is resulting into such an output or something else.


      Would be grateful if someone having solution to this can assist.


      Looking forward to a resolution.

      Thanks in Advance.