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    Pivot the data in the sheet

    Prakash Desai



      I am trying to pivot the data in the sheet with existing data set but not sure whether we can achieve this functionality in Tableau without splitting the sheet for each criteria.


      Usually relevant values will be displayed when we click on any of the Order ID in rows.


      But I wanted to display the values in columns as shown and also Product ID's should display as comma separated and Category/Product Name/Sub-Category should be displayed as one(as listed for Cust ID/Name) instead of split with Product ID.

      Note that the order of all fields should remains same as listed.


      Expected Output:

      1. Wanted to display in the below format along with the header names to the left of the values. Is there a way to display header in a single sheet or limited sheet rather than one on one.


      2. Also I wanted to highlight the entire row if profit <0 & status=No as shown below.


      If anyone has a good link or source that may show how this could work that would be very helpful.