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    Flow failed: An error has occurred while running the flow.

    John Socolofsky

      Getting the above error while trying to run the flow in the attached image. The output step is to the right of the last cleaning step. Trying to save to a .hyper file. Ignore the table and cleaning step in the lower left - it is not used.


      Basically the flow is a join of seven tables with some cleaning interspersed. All tables include data from six companies. I can run the flow fine with one or two companies included (by filtering out the rest at the input steps). But when I remove the filters to include three or more companies, the flow fails. Does not seem to be memory or CPU related, because my machine never gets close to maxing out. None of the tables is more than about 450,000 records. Can anyone help troubleshoot what's happening? The error message and logs are not very helpful so far.



      Tableau Prep 2018.3.2

      Windows 10, Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD

      Database is on MySQL on a Google Cloud hosted server.


      Please let me know if anything else would help diagnose this issue, and thanks in advance.