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    Harmonise order of 2 charts on Dashboard

    Katrin EFFER

      Dear all,


      I am new to Tableau and building a Dashboard to answer the question on whether the world has become a freer place.


      At the Bottom of the page I have 2 graphs with the same countries, and I would like that the countries on the bar on the right are in the same order as the countries on the left.

      Is it somehow possible to manually sort the countries in the heatmap?


      Thanks and kind regards,



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          Chris McClellan

          Basically what's happened is that you've sorted the 2 graphs differently .... you know that anyway


          There's several options to fix this, the simplest might be:


          - go to each sheet and clear the sort on Country

          - in the left pane, define the default sort order for the Country dimension


          2018-12-10 09_07_39-Tableau - Has the world become freer or not 4.png


          This will change the order of Country everywhere it's being used, unless another sort overwrites it.