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    Maximum settings for Tableau server data sources

    Firoz Pathan

      How can we set the maximum query timeout and maximum rows for a particular published Tableau server data source?

      I would know this for live as well as extract data sources.


      This is required so that underlying database is not overloaded by multiple users using multiple data sources.




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          Mark Wu

          I am not aware of any max query timeout although this is one feature that I have been looking for. I am not aware of how to kill the Tableau query either if it is too long. What I do is after the fact governance - find out avg slow views weekly, then send email alerts to workbook owners, then Python program will remove the workbook permissions automatically for the slow render views after 3 week warning if no action taken by owners.


          For the extracts, Tableau has out of box timeout setting but I am not aware of max row setting. If you are concerned the size of extracts, what I do is again after the fact governance by Python program - more aggressive workbook deletion schedule per size. For example, any workbook > 2G would be deleted if no usage for 1 month vs other workbook to be deleted if no usage for 3 months....

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            Firoz Pathan

            Thanks for the information Mark. I will use some part of it for our use case.

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              Toby Erkson

              You will use the set option: tsm configuration set Options - Tableau

              Here's what I've been running for a few years (same options are in pre-2018.3 by using tabadmin set):

              ECHO Seconds beyond the query limit before a task is canceled, in seconds (900 seconds = 15 minutes)
              call tsm configuration set --key backgrounder.extra_timeout_in_seconds --value 900
              ECHO Longest allowable time for completing an extract refresh, in seconds (21600 seconds = 6 hours)
              call tsm configuration set --key backgrounder.querylimit --value 21600
              ECHO Tasks to be canceled if they run longer than they should. No spaces after commas. Enclose in "" if placing spaces after commas
              call tsm configuration set --key backgrounder.timeout_tasks --value refresh_extracts,increment_extracts,subscription_notify,single_subscription_notify


              This affects Live and Extract sources.  You cannot differentiate between them i.e. it's all or nothing.


              You cannot limit the number of rows.