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    Add date field in tableau

    Ajinkya Sirsikar

      Hi All,


      I am working on a month end report and i have downloaded 5 different reports in excel for the months of (May-October). All the files contain the same columns, however they do not contain the date field. The clarity portal that i am downloading these excel files from filters the data based on the dates but it doesnt show the date field in the data.


      I have to create a similar report in Tableau but i am faced with the problem as to how can we add start dates and end dates for the various data elements. For example if there is a person called Ryan in all the files with hours as 2,3,2,5,1 respectively then Tableau is unable to differentiate between the data and just showing all the data side by side as disaggregated measures. I am not sure how can i add dates and be able to differentiate the data based on the months/dates without having the date field in the dataset.


      I am attaching a similar sample tableau workbook of the data that i am working with. Just FYI the dates that need to be added can be 1st day of the month and last day of the respective month since the data is only available when the filter is set as Start date: 'Month Start Date' and End date: 'Month End date' in clarity.


      My Solution requires that the respective data from any particular month should be displayed when the start date and end date is selected:


      For Example: When the month of August is selected following should be displayed




      When the month of September is selected following should be displayed




      Refer to the excel sheets attached. Please help.