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    Tabaluea Prep seems to be really weak on automation

    Ed Scarberry

      I have an excel spreadsheet that I use to create my data source and upload to server.  Every day the spreadsheet is updated.  There is no new spreadsheet.  I setup the schedule and it worked but I am noticing the data is not refreshing.  I even went to the flow and ran the flow manually and it didn’t grab new data.  It seems I have to manually refresh the data every time.  Is that true?  Shouldn’t there be some sort of automation.  If that is true then even if I use a sql query I would have to manually refresh that every time manually.  The tool seems to be manually heavy if you want to use it.  I just can't see what good the scheduling tool is if prep can't take the latest data in a single excel file.  Is there a setup missing?