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    Need help with table issues: Want to drop repeated names and NAs in sort

    Cassandra Sherrill

      I have a table of three years of school system salaries that I have made sortable and searchable. Two things I would like to fix/improve:


      1) Before the sort function was applied, the list of names didn't show the second or third instance of the same name (because some people changed jobs, they are listed on separate rows), so it was clearer that it was the same person -- such as with Abernathy, Connie D and others in the image below. However, that only works if the name is the first pill on Rows, and putting the name back first breaks the sorting function (its pills seem to need to be listed first, otherwise it doesn't work, at least the way I found to do it). Is there a way to get back this presentation while keeping the sorting function? Right now it lists the same name multiple times in the first column.

      Dropped name.JPG

      2) Is there a way when doing a Descending sort on the three salary columns to exclude the fields with NA in the results? That way you would have the highest salary for each year at the top, rather than a massive string of NAs that you have to scroll past to see the actual highest salary? (See example image below sorted for 2015-16.)


      I'd appreciate any help! I'm still quite a neophyte at Tableau and was pleased with myself for getting the sorting working, given that sorting is much less straight-forward than one would expect.