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    Reset All Filters Button Not Functioning Properly


      Hi all,


      I've been scouring the internet recently to figure out the solution to my problem to no avail.


      My Dashboard uses data from multiple data sources and features 4 cascading filters (think "country," "state," "city," and "building.") as well as a date slider. I'm trying to make a reset filters button, but am having no luck. I followed all of the steps on the website (my "Reset" worksheet contains a calculation "Reset Filters" on the Row and a detail with a calculated field " "). When I put my reset button on the dashboard, clicking it doesn't change anything. If I select "Exclude All Values" instead of "Show All Values," My dashboard goes blank, but when I click it again it all comes back.


      I can't attach a workbook because of the sensitive nature of the data, but I'd be happy to clarify my issue/answer any further questions.