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    Some dashboards no longer loading on Tableau Public site? (when opened in a new tab or linked from another site)

    Jordan Layton

      Hi everyone,


      We work in Tableau Desktop and then host dashboards in Tableau Public. In just the past few days it's come to our attention that many of our dashboards on Tableau Public are no longer working when either opened in a new tab or when opened from a link. This seems to be a new issue with the site as these are not new dashboards and they've been working just fine for many months. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue (or can confirm it to be an issue on profiles like ours)? And if anyone has any suggestions for resolution? Specifically, the dashboards show up as blank white boxes, below which are not the usual details but instead something like {{ lastRefreshedTime() | translateDate : { skeleton: "yMMMdahm"} }})


      Here's what I've been able to diagnose so far:

      When I'm logged in to our profile, it's the first 20-21 dashboards (the first set of thumbnails up to the first "Load more" button) that work just fine whether left-clicked to open in the same tab, opened in a new tab, embedded, or linked to on another page. For dashboards below that initial set of thumbnails, left-clicking and embeds work just fine, however opening the dashboard into a new tab or going to the dashboard from a link on another page brings you to the broken/blank dashboard. The URL is identical. Note that from your perspective you wouldn't see the hidden dashboards so it'd be anything after about the 10th thumbnail that doesn't work. The browser console in these cases returns "XML Parsing Error: no root element found Location: https://public.tableau.com/profile/api/auth/author?no_cache=1543516741157 Line Number 1, Column 1: author 1:1. TypeError: "t.workbook is null""


      When I re-uploaded a dashboard from way down the list (that wasn't working), it bumped to the top and then worked again just fine under all circumstances (though what was the 20th thumbnail got bumped down and now doesn't work in a new tab or by link).

      Also, we're seeing the same issue regardless of browser and we've also confirmed it from off-site (not on our agency network). In fact, I'm getting the same blank dashboards when opening the thumbnails on other profiles into a new tab (those farther down in their profile) or when following a link to those from another page.


      If anyone can confirm and, hopefully, provide suggestions, it's very much appreciated! Thank you.