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    Change theme while in the dashboard.

    joe major

      Hi,   We have a need to change a theme once published.  The idea is to be able to change a black background to white or NONE, and change the white font to black just before hitting the print button.


      I know there are copy formatting options while working on the dashboard(s), before it's published, but I can't figure out how to set it up so that once it's published and the user views the dashboard, he/she can now "hit" a toggle of some sort, changing the black background to white and change the white fonts to black.


      They will be printing to a PDF.


      Thanks and let me know.

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          kevin flerlage

          I personally believe the easiest way to accomplish this is by duplicating your dashboard, making the color changes you like, then link the two via a dashboard navigation button.  It is so simple to do...not complicated at all...and you have all the flexibility in the world.


          I recently wrote about this in the blog post linked below.  The blog walks through an example of using this technique to build collapsible menus, but at the bottom there is a list of all kinds of use cases, including color theming.  As a side note, this blog post includes a link to my brother's blog that discusses an alternative way to do color themes. 


          Let me know if this works out for you!