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    Display nothing when selecting multiple dates from date range filter

    Naren Deevakonda

      Hello all,


      I have created a dashboard for example with 3 worksheets from 2 different datasets. I am using a date filter from one of the worksheet and applying it to filter all the other in the dashboard. Everything works well until now.


      worksheet-1 displays shirts added to inventory each day which is coming from column - shirts added

      worksheet -2 displays shirts sold each day which is coming from column - shirts sold

      worksheet -3 displays total items left each day which is coming from column - total items


      Now the issue is that i'm using a relative date filter for the users to select a single day or a range of days.


      When a date range is selected workseet 1 and 2 show a cumulative of shirts added and sold which is right but worksheet 3 displays a cumulative total of each day which isn't a right number.


      So for worksheet 3, I'm trying to only display numbers when a single date is selected and nothing when a range of dates are selected. Is there a calculation I can use which counts the days selected by the filter. (i.e) when filter date range > 1 then display nothing.


      Hope it makes sense. Looking forward to hearing from anyone.