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    Fixed LOD Calc: Need to count number of days in selection

    Ben Perlman

      As part of a calc, I need to calculate the number of weekdays or weekend days in the date range that is selected.  I have what looks like should work, and it is accurate up until about 22 days, after which it is behind a couple days, and it won't ever go above 31 days.


      The calc is below.  Weekday flagging just segments the dates into either "weekdays" or "weekends", because in the final calc I will need to look at a number compared to other weekdays, and a number compared to other weekends.  If I don't use CountD in the calc, I get a gigantic number.  If you hover over the tool tip, in large text I have the fixed number of days calc displayed.  The correct number of days are displayed in the view, so I manually count the number of days in the view and compare them to the number in the calc.  Any help is appreciated!