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    How to do this kind of legend?

    Amar Amar

      I need to extend this a bit, but I'm struck to show First Class Same Day legend separately with this logic. Please see below:


      1) ship mode = First Class and  Region = Central then First Class

      2) ship mode = Same Day and  Region  in Central, East then Same Day

      3) ship mode = First Class and  Region  in  South West  then  First Class Same Day

      and for Total

      4) ship mode in  Same Day , First Class and  Region  in Central, East, South West then  Total


      For  point 3 above, I'm trying to show legend separately but I'm struck being Region having only value which is  South West ? Not able to break this down to show two legends with single value .


      when i select First Class Same Day in parameter, it should show graph with two legends and their respective colors seperately.



      Please advice.. Attached the workbook.