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    Change measure for Chart A when filter/action is being used on Chart B


      Hi all,


      Please see my attachment, for an example of what I am currently working with.


      I have two sheets on a dashboard. One is Top Customers. Another is Top Products. These both begin unfiltered and are sorted by decreasing sales. I have created an action that filters one sheet based on the other's selection. What I want, when I use this action, is to change the measure from sales to some other measure. I guess for the superstore example, let's say I want it to show/sort by profit. But ONLY once either a customer or a product is clicked on and the action takes place.


      So, I want to start here:


      And get this:



      INSTEAD, I am currently getting this:




      It may not be quite clear WHY I want to do this...that's probably because of the example. I'm mainly interested in figuring out how to do this and then applying it to my current project at work. In my situation, there are reasons why the first measure must be shown when neither sheet is filtered and why a second measure must be shown when either is filtered.


      Thanks in advance!