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    Mix of data frequencies: Null shows in filter when it does not exist in the source data

    Laurence Turner

      Hi All,


      I would very much appreciate any help that can be offered on this, as I am unsure how to go about resolving. Thanks in advance.


      • I have two sources - one with daily data, and one with annual data (see attached example workbook).
      • I add as two data sources and link my fields on common characteristics of each dataset (date, baseline)
      • Daily data through 29/11/2018 are aggregated, and give values for years 2005-2018
      • Annual data are 2005-2018, but with a null for a value in 2018 as this has not been reported through the end of the year yet (I have a  'placeholder' for each baseline in 2018 showing the date and baseline, but without a value attributed to the entries)
      • I add 'baseline source 1' (annual dataset) as a filter and this shows a null in the filter options

      Why does the null show? Is it possible to remove the null from showing in the filter?


      Note: I tried to use a parameter that takes the inputs A or B, and a calculated field (below) to filter by, but this only ever returns the value "Drop" - maybe someone can enlighten me on this too?


      IF  ATTR([Source 2 (Example_Dataset)].[Baseline Source 2]) = [Baseline Parameter]

      OR ATTR([Baseline Source 1]) = [Baseline Parameter]

      THEN 'Keep'

      ELSE 'Drop'




      Again, thank you for the help,