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    Parameter become Tortoise (Not a Rabbit)

    Karthikeyan Masialamani




      I have designed a dashboard which has 2 parameters ( one is to select 'Person Name' & another for 'Role')


      Person parameter is loaded from a source which has around 1500 records. Role has 5 records.


      Actual Data will be loaded from another source ( No join between these 2 source and No Data Blending)


      I created a calculated field something like below...


      If <Parameter> = 'All' then True

      elseif <Parameter>  <> 'All'  and <RoleParameter> = 'ProjectManager' then

      contains (ProjectManager, <Parameter>)


      elseif <Parameter>  <> 'All'  and <RoleParameter> = 'PortfolioManager' then

      contains (PortfolioManager, <Parameter>)


      and so on...



      My actual source have data like


      ProjectID , Sponsor1, Sponsor2, Sponsor3, PortfolioManager, Project Manager, Tech Owner


      So to have all the data in row, I just written something like below to load data into the parameter...


      Select Sponsor1 from...


      Select Sponsor2 from...


      Select Sponsor3 from...


      Select portfoliomanager from...


      select projectmanager from


      select techowner from


      the total rowcount is around 1500...I just used this column to load data into my <Parameter>


      Note it is an extract...


      Once i published my dashboard in the server and clicked <Parameter> to view the names..it took 10 seconds to view the name list...first of all i dont know whether it is loading the data or not...


      why is it so? what is the issue here?


      why parameter become tortoise?


      Just kidding...


      what is the workaround here to resolve this performance issue?

      Earlier we had 6 quick filters plus another set of 6 quick filters.. To avoid the quick filter (which again took more to time to load the dashboard, so i decided to use this way, the load time is decreased and the performance is good, but  the parameter is pulling my leg now....


      Inputs are highly appreciable!