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    problem while replacing data source from excel to csv

    tanvi khanna



      I have 2 excel files as sources - 1.xls and 2.xls which are joined hence called data source1. My dashboard is functional (60 views) with about 20 calculated fields from each of the excels. I am required to use csv as a source with same table name and field names ie 1.csv and 2.csv should replace 1.xls and 2.xls, also keeping join intact or atleast keeping calculated fields and charts intact once join is created again.


      I tried below steps:

      data->new data source->added 2.csv->rt clicked on data source1->replace data source

      1. This has replaced the joined (1.xls+2.xls) by 2.csv, but I also need the data from 1.csv. how can I get that?
      2. I had to copy paste 10 out 20 calculated fields from datasource1 to new source, which distorted some charts and actions in dashboard and is a rework now.


      any suggestions on point 1,2 will be very helpful.

      thanks in advance!