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    Filter measure names based on parameter that is sorting data

    Kelsey Bigelow



      I'm trying to make a single parameter that will both indicate what field to sort by and filter based on what information the user wants to see. Each field has a corresponding numerical rank that I entered into the data and have created a parameter to sort states based on those ranks. What I'd like for users to be able to do is select a field in a parameter that both filters out non-essential information and sorts the states based on that field's corresponding rank. The issue I'm facing with filtering is that there are two columns of data I would like to keep based on a single selection in the parameter. So, for instance, if users want to view information related to Rank 1 they would select that option from the parameter and only the states' names, Rank 1, and Field 1 would be visible. All other fields would be filtered until the user changes their selection.


      I have attached a workbook (2018.3) that replicates the data I am working with.


      Thank you,