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    Average Duration

    Robert Evans

      I have a field Duration that is a text field. It reports in number of hours i.e.(Less than one hour, 7 hours etc.) I need to find the average duration between these values. I also have the Start and End Dates so the average time between dates per stage would work. Thanks.

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          Ken Flerlage

          Your Average Duration calculated field is close. The only problem is that you're using the "day" in your datediff calculation. This will calculate the difference in units of days (not partial days). To make this a more precise value, I'd suggest using minutes, then dividing by the number of minutes in a day, like this:


          DATEDIFF('minute',[Start Date],[End Date])/1440


          This will give you the fraction of a day that is between the start and end date.

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            Robert Evans

            Thanks, this worked. I also broke it down to hours.