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    Top N Values with Stacked Bars in Tableau 10.4 Version

    Shilpi Kumari

      Dear Team,


      I ahve been trying to create Top 20 vendors stacked bar graph with ability to provide my user to increase this 20 range to maximum vendors we have. It is easily done with one dimension but with stacked bar very challenging. I have tried below method through tableau community-:


      1. Creating Set In/Out- Issue- works but does not syn with other filters, if I filter on country it goes blank, everytime i have increase range from 20 to 2000 or so

      2. Creating quick filter with Vendor and setting Top from Filed Parameter- does not works with other filters, same issue as above

      2. Creating Rank and Parameter for Top 20 vendors, and used level of detail to exclude other dimension:-  does not gives correct value, comes like below image.