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    Cannot edit broken Web Connector URL - HELP!

    Lee Ewart

      Hello Tableau community,


      I spent a lot of time building a complex set of dashboards for a client with Tableau Desktop. The data sources are all 'Web Connector' sources.  Since I finished the first draft workbook, the data source server software has been upgraded and a consequence of this is that the Web Connector URL has changed, now I get a 502 error from the workbook because the old URL no longer points to the correct end point.


      I only need to change a small portion of the Data Source url but frustratingly I can find no way of editing the Data Source details because Tableau is insisting that I run a new query using old settings before I gain access to anything.


      I've trawled the forums and found similar issues but none of the suggestions are helping, tried this one for instance but my urls just revert:


      Unable to Edit Data Source URL for WDC in Tableau Desktop


      ...it's possible I'm not editing the URL in the same way but the instructions there are not detailed. Has anyone done this?


      I'm really worried that all the work I've put into this is down the pan because I can't update Data Source details


      I'm using the latest version of TD 2018.3



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          Lee Ewart



          I managed to fix this but it took me a full day to get there! Suggestions for anyone experiencing a similar issue vs what I did - options:


          1. Replace your Data Sources - I did have one replacement source start throwing up errors and had to replace it a second time but otherwise the process was smoother than I expected. How:
            1. Ensure your new source configuration is an exact match to the source you are replacing in terms of available data/permissions etc (obviously the source location/url may differ)
            2. Create new Data Source - Data > New Data Source
            3. Replace old Data Source - From a worksheet Data > Replace Data Source  or  Data > 'Data Source name' > Replace Data Source
            4. Check your worksheet/Dashboard data is all present and true (in my case all blends, parameters etc were updated but certain fields were missing data)
            5. If data is missing you may need to double check data access matches the old source (step 1) and refresh your extract Data > 'Data Source Name' > Extract > Refresh
          2. Update your URL - This isn't made easy in Tableau, I did the same thing as Chaz (see link in first post but I'll give a bit more detail), you have to trick Tableau into letting giving you access to the Data Source tab
            1. Create new Data Source - Data > New Data Source  - this can be any old spreadsheet and is just to gain access to the Data Source tab
            2. In the top pane of the main window select the little arrow next to the Data Container icon (top left)
            3. Select the data source you want to edit - it will fail initially with a 502 error if your old source is no longer valid
            4. You now have access to the URL it's attempting to query - edit this and hit RETURN not the refresh button
            5. You can now update your Web Data Connector details
            6. Delete your temporary data Source


          I'm not sure which of these to recommend as a first attempt, initially I went with option 2, this worked fine for one data source but not the other (for which I reverted to option 1). Option 1 also failed initially (I'm not sure why) but perseverance paid off in the end.


          Admittedly I'm in my first year of Tableau development and without wanting to sound too negative, Tableau is an amazing product, but I still find the Data Source area unnecessarily troublesome to use. Tableau Desktop insists that a query is run before allowing you to view, let alone edit, the Data Source. But I may well know that an edit is required and often my sources are static while I develop so in these cases a new query is totally unnecessary and time consuming when using remote sources. Not to mention the amount of time I've spent searching for ways around these issues. I've seen others express this frustration with custom SQL queries that need editing too, although I've not experienced this.


          I do hope we get more direct control of data source configuration & queries in future versions.


          Hope this helps someone!