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    2 Fixed LODs in Same Calculation With Different Context Filters

    Srikanth Goli

      Hi Guys,


      I Have a question on Tableau Fixed LoD calculation and context filters. I would like to see Tableau guys approach on this.


      I have a calculated field as below:


      Calculation_Field = Calculation_One / Calculation_Two

      • Where Calculation_One is a fixed LOD calculation which is calculated after applying some set of Context filters.
      • Calculation_Two is another Fixed LOD calculation which should calculate after applying a different set of context filters.


      I want these Calculation_One and Calculation_Two should be in the same calculation and in the same view.


      The problem I am seeing with Tableau is - I am able to calculate either numerator or denominator but not both at the same time.


      Can this be possible in Tableau? Could you let me know how to approach this problem. Thanks


      PS: Due to confidentiality, I am not able to share the dashboard.