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    Different permissions withing a dashboard

    Gabriel Monagas

      Hey community!



      I hope everyone is great. I am great my self, but I am having a trouble finding a solution on permissions within a Dashboard. If anybody could help me this will be nice.


      My problem is that I am trying to develop a dashboard where I have, let´s say 2 or more users/departments.


      I am trying to find a solution where each area or user is only able to see an specific information within the same dashboard. By this:


      A have the company "Acme Corporation", and I have the Roadrunner's Area and Coyote's Area.


      Both of them will be able to enter in the Desert's Dashboard. I want that Tableu to identify each department and to display different information for each one.

      Having into account that all the areas must enter in the same Dashboard.


      I though of two options:

                The first one:

                     -Parameters. But parameters will display the information to both areas and the Coyote will know what is the Roadrunner doing.


                The second one:

                     -Action buttons. Again this could help by duplicating the dashboards, but both areas will be able to see the information from each other.


      Please, can anybody help me on this?