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    How to apply filter across dashboards using multiple data sources?

    Wahyu Kusumawardani



      I have been trying to filter from one dashboard to another dashboard using "Action". The issue is, the destination dashboard contains data from different data source, although they both have the same key.


      I am attaching my Tableau package workbook and the data source for this issue.

      Here is the case that I would like to do:


      When I click the shape (Status) on this dashboard A, I would like it to direct to dashboard B.

      Dashboard A is using data source A. While dashboard B is using data source A, data source B, and data source C.

                                                                  (Dashboard A: Initiative)


      In dashboard B, it filters every data from data source A, except the "Key Deliverables", because this data is coming from different data source B and KPI is from data source C.

                                                                  (Dashboard B: Charter)

      This is the action filter I am using now.

      Both data source A and B have column "NumGPS"


      Is it actually possible to do that? I am using Tableau 2018.1

      I was actually thinking of joining the data sources, but with the actual data it would be too heavy...