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    Editing problems with triple line chart

    Tim Schneider

      Hi all,


      Here's a problem I sometimes encounter when I'm trying to create a single line chart with all three lines on the same dual axes: Even though I follow the procedure that has worked for me many times before––add a single dimension to 'Columns,' select 'Measure Values' and 'Add to Sheet,' then remove all but the three individual measure values I care about from the 'Measure Values' shelf––Tableau refuses to recognize the three resulting lines as individually editable items. Instead of showing up as three lines in three different colors (with a corresponding editable key), I get three lines of the same color and no key. (See attached screenshot.)


      Also, when I click on the 'Show Me' button, all the usual options are faded out, and the text 'No recommendations - select or drag more data to show recommendations' appears.


      In the past, I've just closed the workbook and the program, then reopened and tried again, and eventually it seems to work as it should. But that method isn't helping this time out for some reason.


      Any thoughts? I'm running Tableau Desktop 10.5.6. I can't download the recent updates because my hard drive doesn't have enough free space. (I've got a new laptop on the way, but I'm on a deadline for this chart.)