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    Run Rate Calc

    Elie Rahi

      I need a calculation to work out the run rate so I can get a visual like below. This shows the cumulative revenue by week. We have the actual revenue from week 44 and future weeks 45-52 are based on the weekly average revenue.



      Currently what I have is a calc that it


      IF ISNULL(
      SUM(IF YEAR([Date]) = 2018 THEN [Revenue] END)
      ) THEN


      SUM(IF YEAR([Date]) = 2018 THEN [Revenue] END)


      The problem with this is that we have some days with $0 revenue and it imputes the average for those days. Whereas I only want to impute the average for the future days. Is there a way to go about this?


      I would also like to have a different colour for the forecasted weeks if possible.


      Attached file to work on.