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    Separated Dashboards on the Server??

    Chris Golden

      Hello All,


      I have a workbook with the main dashboard that has links to other dashboards in the workbook.  This works fine but when I publish it to the server it separates the dashboards and the links no longer work.  Why is this?  Is there a way to publish a packaged workbook to the server?  This seems weird???

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          Michael Gillespie

          We need more info to help you, Chris.


          What do you mean by "links"?


          What are you publishing to: Tableau Public?  On-premise Server?  Online?  Cloud Server?

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            Chris Golden



            What I mean is dashboard actions on some buttons on the dashboardCapture1.JPG....so basically...I have a button that when clicked goes to another dashboard....

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              Joe Oppelt

              When you open up the default Superstore workbook that comes with Tableau, there are a bunch of dashboards already built in it.  If you click on SERVER and select PUBLISH WORKBOOK without changing anything at all in the selection of sheets in the "publish" dialog box, all those dashboards get published to one workbook on server.  When you open the workbook on Server, all the dashboards are selectable in that one entity via tabs across the top of the screen.


              Maybe you have actions from one dashboard to another.  If so, it sounds like you have hyperlink actions.  If so, that's going to open separate tabs.  But if that's what you've done, you can change those actions to Filter Actions, and all the context stays within the one browser tab you have open.

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                Chris Golden

                Thanks for the answer...however it is filter actions....


                This is what it did....





                To explain the way it looks....I have Dash duplicated with different visuals at the bottom....when I click the button to go to a different dashboard...it changes...and give the appearance that you have not moved or changed to a diff dashboard.....kinda like using parameters to hide and show charts....

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  That's not telling me much.


                  Can you post a packaged workbook?  I'm guessing not.


                  If you can't, what happens if you hack up a similar situation in a Superstore workbook?  Make two dashboards.  Make the same sort of filter action from one dashboard to the other.  Publish it.  See what happens.  If you get the same behavior, you can upload that workbook here and we have something to go on.

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                    Chris Golden

                    I figured it out.....I just had to click all the workbooks and choose tabbed views...that way the tabs or dashboards are included....thanks alot for the response!!