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    Hierarchy Filters

    Daniel Hodges

      Hello, I have a hierarchy that goes down 18 levels. There are 18 different fields in the data source which make up this hierarchy. It is a requirement that users be able to traverse this hierarchy and filter at any level.


      • Adding 18 different quick filters with 'relevant values only' selected takes up way too much real estate
      • Ideally the user could search for a name and return results at any level
      • A text table expands horizontally (no tree structure option) which takes up too much room and also only allows for 16 fields


      Ideally something like this:



      Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

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          For this requirement:

          "user could search for a name and return results at any level",

          my suggestion is creating a filter with calculation field and parameter.


          For example:

          (1). Create a parameter:  USER_SEARCH_STRING

                 which could be a free key-in parameter, or a list combined with any name of L1~L18.

          (2). Create a calculation field :  SHOW_SEARCH_OUTCOME, , which type is Boolean

                  ( [LV1] == [USER_SEARCH_STRING] )


                  ( [LV2] == [USER_SEARCH_STRING] )

                  OR ... 


                  ( [LV18] == [USER_SEARCH_STRING] )

          (3). Move this calculation field SHOW_SEARCH_OUTCOME into filter, and show only it is TRUE.


          And it need only one parameter to filter multiple level columns.




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            Daniel Hodges

            Hi Arsene,


            Thanks this is useful and can definitely find ways to utilize.


            There are few problems with this solution:

            • Hierarchy names are not unique ( the ID's are but users will not know those). The name on Level 7 of a certain branch could match the name of Level 14 on another.
            • Users will sometimes need to filter on multiple items at certain level of the hierarchy.
            • Not all users will know the exact name they are searching for. They might just know it exists under a certain branch.



            Thanks for the help.