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    Dynamic filter to exclude dimensions

    Nagarjun Srinivas

      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to achieve the following requirements for my client


      My data looks like this(made up data which is similar to actual data) 

      it  consists of sales data for every store for each day

      I am trying to create a dynamic filter which will filter all the stores which does not have complete data

      for example:

      I have a viz like this below with the option of choosing data range as filter

      monthly sales for all months for all the stores


      i need to filter all the stores which is missing data for any month for the selected date range

      here is an example of 4 stores

      if you can notice, store 100064 and 100075 is missing data for the month of January, so suppose if i select my date range from Jan to March, i should be able to filter stores 100064 and 100075 from the above monthly line chart

      However if i select date range June to December(all stores have data from june to december) all stores should be considered for my line chart viz above


      I am attaching the workbook for reference.


      Thanks you all in advance, appreciate any suggestions