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    Delete Hyperlink in Images in Tableau Subscription

    Vikash Karra

      Hello - hoping someone can assist!

      1) We currently have a tableau subscription that gets sent out to 8 people (all 8 are set up as Tableau Users). So when they receive the email, if they click on the image, they are taken to the dashboard that is on Tableau Server

      2) There is a need for us to send this out to 170 people (many who aren't set up as users within Tableau server)

           a) We have created a distro email, that contains all 170 people

           b) Using google filter, we are forwarding the email to this distro group each day the subscripton is sent to me

           c) Issue - if a user clicks on an image, they will be asked to sign on to Tableau. We've embedded the 'public' facing URL to the dashboard within the subject of the email, but want to disable the hyperlink functionality of them clicking on an image > going to tableau server

      3) Anyone know if this is possible?