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    True Analytical Quadrant Analysis Ideas!

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy All!


      Been working on a visual in superstore data that I would like to incorporate into practical work.

      Below is a screenshot of state profits in percentile comparing the max month to the previous month (depending on filters selected)

      I am wanting to improve this visual in a few ways and would really appreciate any guidance/help.


      The problem: "Given profit alone, historically which state would likely benefit you the most to start a business with"


      This visual gives a quick look from a month over month perspective which is nice, but there are a few concerns.


      #1) If every other visual on the dashboard is filtered for the recent month, this particular visual needs the top 2 months selected to work (MoM). If the other visuals are changed to show a different month, this visual still needs that month and the prior month to operate correctly. Without using parameters for month selection could one design this visual to essentially pull "pairs" of months depending on the month selected for other visuals.


      #2) This visual is great for a quick look at month over month, but let's say we have 6 months worth of data. Comparing the last 2 months may not be an entire view. Would anyone have idea's on visualizing who the "Leaders" and "Need Some Work" would be based on a larger calendar scale? Parameters would be fine here. Just really want to avoid parameters for selecting a month.


      I'd greatly appreciate any idea's on giving this visual, or possibly another visual more meaning,



      P.S. The idea for this visual and how to create it goes to the credit of the following youtube video I found if anyone reading this would want to re-create for themselves:

      Tableau Good to Great: Quadrant Analysis - YouTube

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          I didn't work this out carefully, but maybe the concepts can give ideas.


          The idea is to have two copies of the datasource,

          one by which you calculate the recent month values,

          the other by which you calculate the previous month values.


          One method to do this is to join the dataset to itself with month

          on one side and month-1 on the other side. This is demonstrated here:

          Re: Prior Period LOD Calculation


          Another method is to union the dataset to itself. One copy is used

          to calculate the Recent month, the other used for the Previous month.

          This is demonstrated here:

          Re: How to display previous month value in Tooltips?


          The latter method requires some LOD finagling to pit the axes against each

          other, whereas the former should just be a straight plot.


          I'm not sure if these methods will work for grouping more than one month previous.

          I think maybe the self-union method might be more amenable to that.


          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread for

          an example of the self union with the Profit Ratio:

          True Analytical Quadrant Analysis Ideas!