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    Thumbnail view not working

    Jonathan Tee

      Thumbnail view on my Tableau server show nothing despite there being valid content, if i switch to list view I see content as expected - any ideas?

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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hi Jonathan


          I am not a Tableau Server specialist but I managed other server applications before so...


          I wonder what happens if you restart the tableau server process and the respective web server? Also what happens if you clear the server cache?


          At a last resource... is it possible to reboot the box and see if that remains the same?


          These are very basic troubleshooting options. I hope they can help you.



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            Santhosh Sekar

            Hi Jonatha,


            May I know, since when you are facing this issue? What is the version of the Tableau server you are using?


            Please try out all the steps suggested by Rodrigo.