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    Sales development over time for top n Customers only

    Lars Weidner

      I would like to show: sales over time for top n customers per Segment.

      Probably I don't understand Table Calculations good enough but I am not able to get the desired results.

      Any help would be appreciated.


      I would like to create a viz like this BUT ONLY for the top N customers by sales per Segment

      I manage to use the Index() function to filter for the Top 10 customers only:


      But: when I add the continuous Date Pill to Columns,

      the Index sort of falls apart and lists all customers multiple times ranked as 1 and as  2 and as 3 and so on again and again -

      I can not make sense of why Tableau is doing this:

      When adding a second Measure (Sum Sales) -  Tableau even shows a value for sales only for the one customer that is actually ranked at this Position - but still it Shows values over time for all customers and I can not filter them out.


      Is there any way to achive this?

      Show a measures development over time only for the Top N customers?


      Thanks for your support and best regards,