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    Blend multiple joins

    An Van Laer

      I'm trying to blend multiple joins and that isn't working.


      In our organisation we have a list of all locations, with some extra data (like postal info, region, ...) and then i have reports for a certain period.  These reports contains registration data for activities that went on a certain location.

      When i join the first list with a report that all works fine.


      But now i want to combine different reports, so i tried making a new data source with a join of the same list and a different report.  I linked all the columns, but when i try to calculate the number of activities on a certain location, tableau only uses data from one data source.  I also notice when i make a new worksheet the links are also undone. 


      What am i doing wrong? 


      I've included a simple version of what i am trying to do (and deleted all personal data).

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          Jim Dehner



          I looked at the data and the report - it does seem to load data from each source - in the second report there is a DOJO "Brussels" that does not have a match in the first file so it is being eliminated based on the Join - if you want it in the data the right join the files to include the complete data set


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