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    How to Create a Printable Viz??

    Scott Carman

      Morning all,


      I have a dashboard visualizing contract data (count of contracts and the cost of the contracts).  I am always asked to provide an alternate view of the data that makes up the bar chart.  In my current situation, I have chosen to show this via Tableau's Viz in Viz feature.  The user hovers over a mark and sees the contract numbers and the associated costs.  I thought that would satisfy their need to see the underlying data - NOPE!  As I was demoing the dashboard the other day, now they tell me that they would like to print the info contained in the Viz in Viz so they can delegate the responsibility for someone to fix it.


      I thought about creating a "print view" and allowing the user to select the view via a parameter or a dashboard action but haven't committed to a course of action.


      Any input?






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          Soham Wadekar

          Hi Scott,


          I am afraid that you wont be able to print the viz in the tool tip. There are  a couple of ways you can allow the user to print the details, 1. By navigating them to a separate (details)sheet on click/ hover and then facilitate the printing or

          2. By creating a dashboard with the viz and the details - all in one screen.


          I hope this helps,




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